Mandobox: Mobile workshops for all check-system-units

A complete workshop in a container? We make it possible!
Since more than 20 years, we provide our system-units in the turbine industry. Our system-units (Standard-Sea- Container) are used internationally, for mobile maintenance of aircraft, technical equipment as a repair shop or parts store.

Individual facilities and an abundance of possibilities

  • Effortless of 8 to 40 feet in length
  • Up and expansion, as well as facilities of the MRO units
  • According to your specifications and safety regulations
  • Expertise through numerous examples of workshop and tool system-units in use

Our mobile function rooms offer a variety of useful features in addition:

  • Climate control /-installations, insulation, second Indoor... and many more special ways
  • Integrated electrical systems
  • Rails and ramps for the safe loading and unloading harder and more sensitive spare parts
  • Global traceability of the container via GPS location in conjunction with RFID BOMs
  • monitoring camera to monitor the storage and removal of tools and spare parts up to the engine
  • Personalized authentication PIN code
Mandobox brochure

Mandobox brochure (6556.9 kB)

download the Mandobox brochure (english)